Friday, February 3, 2012


Recently The Eater posted a list of the 11 Toughest Reservations in the World Click to Read . I am a girl who enjoys a good challenge; and seeing this list was like waving a red flag in front of a bull, I couldn’t help but charge. I’ve been extremely fortunate and have already eaten at two of these restaurants twice (Next and Schwa) and have also gotten a reservation (sadly, couldn’t GO) at The French Laundry. I plan on substituting that meal with a meal at his east coast counterpart, Per Se some point soon.

However that still means I have 8 places to go. We’re currently planning another European vacation less Griswold and more… I have no idea what more, but let’s just hope for less Griswold. Anyway, I’ve decided (Sorry Husband) that depending on where we go, either Noma or The Fat Duck will be taken off the list. Some people challenge themselves with marathons, other people with chugging contests, I prefer this route.

So yeah, I have a thing for getting into the really difficult places. There’s something incredibly satisfying about that moment when you get through. A lot of it is luck (Schwa’s system is literally a phone number. They answer it sometimes, sometimes you leave a message, most of the time the answering machine is full. They call back people totally randomly. Once I was told I got reservation because he called me and my outgoing voicemail message had me laughing a little and he thought I sounded really happy. Normally if you miss their call, you’ve missed your ability to get a reservation).

Next’s ticketing system is ingenious but maddening. You wait months and months for them to release tickets, you don’t know what day, you don’t know what time, you just have a website and an obsessive need to click “refresh” on Facebook (where they essentially say “RELEASE THE KRACKEN!”). Then you and a million other people literally fight tooth and nail to get access onto their website to you can “book” a dinner ticket. They currently have probably hundreds of thousands of people on the hook waiting for them to release their 25 course (small courses people) El Bulli retrospective menu. I’m one of those poor saps. I’ll let you know how that goes J

If you don’t care to open the article and read the list as well as the “How to Make a Reservation” here’s the quick rundown.

1) Noma, Copenhagen

2) Sukiyabashi Jiro, Tokoyo

3) Next, Chicago

4) Tickets, Barcelona

4) Quintessence, Tokoyo

6) The Fat Duck, Bray Berkshire

7) Chef’s Table at Brooklyn, Brooklyn

8) minibar by josé andres , D.C

9) Schwa, Chicago

10) The French Laundry, Yountville

11)Yam’Tcha, Paris

Maybe you live near one of this place. If you have a burning desire to dine there, let me know and I’ll get you a reservation ;-)

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