Thursday, September 13, 2012

Coastal Living

The Husband and I took a trip back east this weekend for a family wedding. We spent three beautiful days on the Connecticut coastline.  We were able to visit with friends and family who lived in the area, a double bonus.

We arrived a little after midnight on Thursday and rented a car to make the hour and change drive to Groton, where The Brother-in-law (who will now be known as The Subdriver, as there are too many Brother-in-Laws) and The Sister-in-law (who will now be known as The Subdrivers Wife as there are too many Sister-in-Laws) currently reside (these are the same wonderful host and hostess from our trip to  Minneapolis ). After driving through what The Husband and I deemed “The middle of no-where” we arrived at their home and tucked ourselves into bed close to 3am, Friday was going to be a big day.

After an early morning hanging with a college friend I drove into New Haven for lunch to meet another college friend, who we shall name The Lady Doctor (as she is a lady who is also an OB/GYN). She suggested we meet up at Bru Room at Bar, a really fantastic brewery and pizza place. The Lady Doctor works at Yale and said that she comes here fairly often, as it’s only a few blocks away. When I asked what she suggested we eat, she said that the Mashed Potato, Garlic and Bacon pizza is amazing. I’m not a huge lover of bacon, but as she described it the bacon is necessary because it adds some saltiness and really elevates the pizza. So, because I trust The Lady Doctor, I went with it.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Look into the Hearts and Homes of Sicily

Last night we were whisked away to Sicily. After getting into el Bulli within the first two days of the menu opening, we had to wait for what felt like a lifetime, to go to Next’s current menu, Sicily. As of tonight there are only 10 services left.

We decided to start the evening Italian style, with some Apparativos at The Office.  We walked to the front of Aviary and normally when you’re whole party isn’t there, they have you wait, however I guess with The Office this isn’t the case. So we were ushered down into the dimly lit, super comfy Office and were shown the drink menu. Micah, the second in command (who had taken over during the break between when Craig Schloettler left in early June and when Charles Joly started in early August, was manning the bar downstairs.

Our wonderfully warm waitress asked what I wanted to drink, and then suggested that I let them make me something. Ummm, how the heck could I say no to that?! So she asked how I felt about champagne, obviously I said I was all for it. So as The Husband mulled over the menu, she came back with a delicious champagne cocktail. I honestly wish I could remember what was in it, I just remember it was wonderful and I was super grateful for the “Let us make your choice” option.