Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Our Messy, Messy Break-up

I apologize for not posting this last month; I actually have a ton to share and of course, not much time to share it in.We leave Chicago in nine days, NINE DAYS! So between work and packing and getting one last hang out with friends, my postings have fallen short.

However, I can promise you such things as Next's Vegan menu, a Whiskey Flight at Aviary (happening next week), the time we nearly had all of Hot Doug's menu, our dinner at Fat Rice and more will be on the way!

In the mean time, here's the updated list on where we've hit and what we have left on our Farewell Tour:

Encased Meat and Duck Fat Fries at Hot Doug's: CHECK!
Old Grand Pappy Vertical Flight at Aviary
Au Cheval
A Hen Fruit and Frites at Watershed: (It's off the menu, but they made it for me anyway!) CHECK
Fat Rice: UMMM CHECK and we may need to go one more time.
Grace (another time, my friends)
Alinea (another time again....)
El Ideas (adding this to the "November" List)
3 Happiness Dim Sum
Big Star: CHECK
PQM sandwich
Bari's Italian Hoagies
BadHappy for Poutine and Shakes
Wasabi: CHECK
Pint at Revolution's Tap Room: CHECK
Doughnut Vault 
Bernard's Bar- Blood of Dillinger
Hoosier Mama's Pie
Big Jones
Falafal Sandwich from Sultan's Market
Longman and Eagle