Monday, January 28, 2013

New Years Resolutions and What Not

I've been rather remiss lately. Work has been pretty busy and our dining out has been drastically reduced. We're attempting to....gasp....budget. I don't handle things like budgeting well, especially when every other email I get to my personal account is about a new restaurant opening or the best dish/cocktail/bite that's out right now. The list of restaurants and bars that I want to go to grows daily. And it doesn't help that we DVR The Mind of a Chef  and Check, Please! and get Lucky Peach in the mail. Seriously, I recommend doing all of these things, but only if you have self control. I do not, but The Husband is a fountain of steely control, thank goodness for that. Otherwise we would probably be the most well fed, destitute people in Chicago.

 I can't totally complain about our budgeting, because it does involve another round of Season Tickets to Next. So you will be seeing postings about The Hunt, Vegan and Bocuse D'Or as well as maybe another trip to El Ideas or Grace or Elizabeth's or something exciting like that  over the next year, but I've also decided to try and post a little more about the dishes I make at home.

From this blog, it appears that all The Husband and I do is go out to eat and drink. And while we spend a good amount of our time (and money) doing that, I also do a fair amount of cooking from home. Now, I'm not claiming the things I'm going to post on here are of equal caliber to what I get dining out. I mean, that is pretty much WHY I dine out- to get an experience that I can not recreate in my home. Which is why you generally don't see me posting about  Italian restaurants, Pizza places and diners; I can make most of that stuff at home.

I have a rather extensive folder in my email that has hundreds of recipes I've saved for future use. My goal for this year is to start making them and sharing the experience with you all. Hopefully it will turn out well. If not, I may have to throw out the budgeting and go back to what I'm good at...eating other people's food.

Here's to an interesting 2013! 

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